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Christmas 2018

This year we focused our attention on evangelism, getting back to the roots of Teen Challenge’s 60 year history and what a difference it has made! Several times a week in different areas all over BC, we are hitting the streets with water, food and bibles to pray for the lost. The men and women in our care, coming out of addiction themselves, have a supernatural hunger and thirst after righteousness and want to see the lost come to Christ. There is a gratitude at the centres, both in students and staff for all that God has done in them personally, as well as in this ministry. When you start to focus outward, your entire perspective changes, and it is amazing to see.

As life seems to move faster and faster, it is sometimes hard to take the time to pause and reflect on what is most important. I’ve been reflecting recently on the lyrics by Lauren Daigle: “What have I done to deserve love like this? I cannot earn what You so freely give.” Jesus shed His royal garments for birth in a stable, gave up His Kingly Throne for a manger, gave up Heavenly Glory to be hunted down by a murderous king. Why would we still think we must earn the love of our Saviour? He made us, created us for a purpose and isn’t going to allow us flail about without direction. I encourage you this Christmas season to seek after God, press in to what He has for you and take hold of the life of abundance that He promises.

Thank you for praying for our staff as we press on toward the goal of putting hope within reach of every addict. Thank you for praying for our students, as they take responsibility for their lives and learn a new way of conducting themselves with Christ as their source.

Thank you to those who have given to the ministry this year, whether you are a prayer partner, monthly partner, event sponsor, or regular donor – it is appreciated and we couldn’t carry on without your partnership. We welcome all year-end financial gifts: please click here to make a secure online donation and help us finish 2018 stronger than ever!

Merry Christmas!

Janalyn Martin
Provincial Director
Adult & Teen Challenge Society of British Columbia

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Arlie finds passion for life again

Coming into the program I was skeptical about God. Despite this, it seemed I had no other alternative but to receive the help I so desperately needed. Tentatively, I opened up my heart and my mind to Jesus and sure enough He began speaking to me. Questions and prayers were answered and I began to feel joy as God’s scriptures rang true to my heart.

Throughout this year, I’ve developed confidence in who I am as God's child, I’ve learnt tools for success and most importantly He’s given me a passion for life again. Accepting Jesus into my life has been life-changing and because of Teen Challenge I developed a relationship with God. I pray to be steadfast in my walk with God as all other things fall to the wayside. Life with God is exciting and full of purpose.

As I come to the end of my program I am thankful for the support of Teen Challenge and eternally grateful for Gods hand in my life.

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Richard’s second chance

I grew up with a mother and very strict stepfather but when my parents separated I had no more rules to follow. I was training for the Special Olympics as I have a slight case of cerebral palsy and gave in to peer pressure, starting to smoke, drink and use pot. I rebelled against my mother, thinking I knew it all, and moved in with my grandparents to focus on school. After I graduated, I worked in northern BC and partied heavily.

I met my birth father, learned about his time in prison and living the fast life, and we started shooting up together. Years went by, working just to use, never getting anywhere. I told myself I wanted to get clean and went into treatment but it was a cycle of being clean and relapsing, over and over. I got into Adult & Teen Challenge in 2010 and graduated the program but after a few years God wasn’t my fi rst priority and I relapsed again. I was totally broken but the Lord blessed me by allowing me to re-enter the program where God’s love is being revealed to me.

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Charity concert tour impacts 1,000+

Thank you to all who joined us at a service, dessert night or banquet during our recent 2018 BC Choir Tour! Our crew traveled from Vernon to Victoria with 10 stops in between. We hope you were as blessed as we were! To book our choir click here.