Our Student Sponsorship Program exists to allow you to provide monthly support for a student and one of the centres they are enrolled in. Students live at Adult and Teen Challenge BC full-time for a minimum of 12 months, and your sponsorship helps provide for their ongoing needs. 

Just a few of our student needs are: 

  • Three meals a day
  • Shelter, bedding
  • Transportation, fuel
  • Education, workbooks
  • Practical work experience, work clothing
  • Mentoring/discipleship
  • Additional counseling (if required)   

The cost to have each individual student in the program is estimated to be $4,500/month. This provides for all of their needs, giving them the ability to fully focus on their recovery. Adult & Teen Challenge BC is a non-profit organization which receives its funding primarily through the generosity of individuals and churches. We also receive funding from the Government, which represents a small partial housing subsidy. Your sponsorship has the direct impact of alleviating our student costs and more importantly of providing the support needed for our students to realize their success. Your sponsorship makes a difference!

What you will receive as a Student/Centre Sponsor:

  • A photo of the student(s) and centre you’re sponsoring

  • Testimonies 

  • Updates on the student(s) progress in the program

  • Opportunities to write and encourage the student(s) or centre you are sponsoring

  • An invitation to their graduation(s)

  • A tax receipt issued at year’s end