How long is the Adult and Teen Challenge BC program?

The Adult and Teen Challenge BC program requires you to commit to a minimum of 12 months. Some students are required to stay longer, and others remain after graduation for a time of transition. When our organization first started, we attempted much shorter programs, but had very little success. We believe healing and learning takes time. Look at it this way: in the grand scheme of things, one year is a short period of time to get your entire life back on track.

Do I need to be a Christian to apply?

No, but you do need to know that our program centres upon the truth we find in the Bible because we believe it is the true source to real freedom. This affects every aspect of our program. We only ask that you are open to exploring God for yourself.

Why is it called “Teen” Challenge if I have to be 19 or over?

Our ministry originally began in the 1950′s, when a young pastor began reaching out to youth in the ghettos of New York City. He realized one of their greatest needs was for addiction recovery, and he started a program called “Teen Challenge” to help them learn about freedom through Jesus Christ. The ministry soon spread all over the world, helping adults with addiction as well. Here in Canada, due to government regulations, we aren’t able to accept minors into our full-time centres. However, we still call ourselves “ Adult and Teen Challenge BC ” because we reflect the same original program God began, that has been successful all over the globe. 

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What’s so different about Teen Challenge?

 Adult and Teen Challenge BC does not view a person as a statistic – but rather a unique life set apart by God. We believe recovery begins with a change in behaviour and the elimination of binding life-controlling habits. Teaching faith in Jesus Christ alters behaviour and instills positive values that allow a person to holistically heal. The Teen Challenge model can be summed up as this: “It’s not just about drugs or alcohol; it’s moral training. The Gospel of Mark, chapter seven says, ‘It’s not what enters a man that makes him unclean, it’s what comes out that destroys him; it’s what’s in a person’s heart that is the problem.’ We don’t just talk about drugs and alcohol. We talk about character.” The primary goal of this guidance is not to simply stop the addiction and related deviant behaviour, but to develop a whole new way of living: one free from compulsive and destructive behaviour.

Why should I choose Teen Challenge instead of another recovery program?

Our graduates have said that  Adult and Teen Challenge’s holistic approach stands out from other programs they have tried. This is because  Adult and Teen Challenge BC deals with the “whole person”. In helping students lay a foundation by working on what’s INSIDE and challenging them with biblical teaching, they will discover faith in Jesus Christ and a new way of living.  Adult and Teen Challenge BC endeavours to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

Mayor Braun: Addiction and substance abuse destroys lives and has such a wide impact on a whole community. But with organizations like Adult and Teen Challenge, there is hope. Adult and Teen Challenge walks beside men and women, helping to restore lives and communities.

What can I expect at aDULT AND Teen Challenge BC?

A lot of love, a lot of challenge, and a lot of CHANGE. It’s been said that we’re a combination of Bible College (you’ll learn about a God who loves you and has an AMAZING plan for you!), boot camp (with structure, order, and obedience), and family life (you’ll spend your time with a great group of people – just like you – learning to try and start again).

Does ADULT AND Teen Challenge offer detox BC?

No, we do not offer a medically-supervised detox program. If you require this, we recommend you complete it first at your local hospital.

How much does it cost?

We ask for a non-refundable intake fee of $1,000 to enter. If you are unable to pay this, please contact us. A&TCBC is a registered charity. The ministry subscribes to strict fiscal standards of operation through CRA and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. A&TCBC is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Director with daily operations handled by a centre specific Senior Leadership Team and support staff. The operating budget is such that per bed cost is on average about $3,000.00-$4,000.00 (per student per month). Daily operational expenses and capital projects are raised through newsletters, church meetings, and a variety of other means such as contract work, our vehicle donation department, etc. Each student will consent to apply for the BC Housing funding before entering the program or upon arrival. - The Intake Coordinator (centre specific) will explain and give direction, on how to apply. - If the potential student does not qualify, they will be required to pay the $550/month housing personally. Family, EI and or medical EI are a few options. We are almost entirely run by donations, so any additional gift helps us tremendously.

What will I do every day?

Adult and Teen Challenge BC students keep to a strict schedule which is specially designed to help you grow and change, and equip you for a better life AFTER graduation. Our program activities include chapel time (where you can get to know God and be prayed for), class/education (learning truths and skills to apply to your life), “work detail” (practical vocational training), outreach (visiting churches and communities to share our stories and encourage others), and of course some extra free time (various fun stuff we’ll throw in to bless you!).

Can I still smoke at adult and Teen Challenge BC?

We believe addiction of any kind is unhealthy. We require that you quit, cold-turkey, upon entering our program. (Trust us, it will be worth it!)

Will I be able to visit my family and friends while in the program?

Yes, but not at first. Your “passes” are acquired through time elapsed as well as good progress while in the program. We also have monthly Family Visit Day where they can come and see you. 

Can I continue dating while I’m in the program?

No, you’re not able to pursue pre-marital romantic relationships while in the program. This might seem strict, but it really is the best way to commit a full year to YOUR own personal healing. We believe that your time here should be intently focused, which is best done without external distractions. It is our hope that after completion of the program you will be prepared to embark on healthy and stable relationships for a lifetime to come.

What if I’m married – or have kids? I need to keep in touch with them.

Of course. We certainly encourage healthy communication with your spouse and/or children while you are in the program. As mentioned above, you are able to see them on “passes” and “family visit days” in addition to phone calls. Provided you are making progress in your program and the communication is productive, we will help you maintain contact with your family.


Do you still have questions that are unanswered? 
Please contact our intake coordinator or click here to contact the intake coordinator at the centre you are applying to.

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